Much more united

Elsys and Michel Telo. The idea of combining the company's strategy with the artist's style was perfect to launch the brand on a national level. After all, Elsys' proposal is to bring, through technology, more information, more entertainment, and more quality of life for people living in less accessible regions. And the artist, with his simple way of being and his music, brought the brand closer to this audience, taking the message in a clear and humorous way.^Total success. So, nothing is more natural than for the partnership to continue. And now that the Elsys brand and its line of products in receivers, satellite dishes, internet, and telecom are already well known, it's time to talk about the benefits. The new strategy brought Michel Telo's family into communication. His wife and newborn daughter enter the story to show how the artist's lifestyle brings the "pain" of distance into their reality.

And Elsys enters as the partner that alleviates this “pain” with several technology solutions that connect and bring people together. Another well-planned work with online actions, movies for TV, and POS. Another success with immediate recall that, in addition to adding value to the Elsys brand, generated an increase in sales. This is what I get for working hard! It brings results