Amplimax of Elsys.
Go look for the signal that is far away with good humor.

Those who live in more remote regions had a problem: a deficiency in the telephone and internet signal or a total lack of it. They really did, because with the arrival of Elsys Amplimax on the market, this problem got a solution. Amplimax is a router with an antenna that only needs a chip from any telephone company to work. It has up to 6 times more range and still extends the signal up to 400 times. Well, now that you know how Amplimax works, it's time to see how Blues Idea translated it all into the product's launch video.

First, we thought of humanizing the signal-Amplimax relationship, taking the matter out of the strictly technical and boring context. Later, we detected that this humanized relationship would be more attractive with a touch of humor. Finally, we found the perfect actors to tell this story in a simple, objective, and humorous way: the actors Rafael Infante and Totoro, from the Porta dos Fundos channel team. And, due to the repercussion among Elsys distributors, retailers, and customers, we were right on target. Watch and draw your conclusions too!