Two years. More than 1,000 coins

You know that story that telling no one believes? Especially these days! Elsys learned of one that involved her brand and asked Blues Idea to tell her.

It all happened in Santa Rosa de Lima, Santa Catarina. A small town, in a bucolic region, where simplicity reign. There a farmer, Mr. Bertino Schimit, really wanted to have home an antenna to receive the satellite TV signal, but he still didn't have the money. Because it's not like you made it a project. It's been two years of collecting coins.

That's right, he put together over a thousand coins to pay cash. Believe? But this real story that also has the participation of a local shopkeeper, Elsys dealer, Leandro Tenfen, still has other surprises: a special gift from Elsys for Mr. Bertino. Check out the film that has been very successful on the internet bringing more and more visibility to the Elsys brand.