And now, what about the brands’ social media strategies?

02 March de 2022

“For some time now, Facebook has shown that the active audience is decreasing. We no longer log into Facebook every day, but more than 2 times a day on Instagram, for example”, explains Luiza Antoniolli, head of digital at Blues Idea. Facebook surprised us in February with a bombshell, but already expected: the drop of 500 thousand daily active users around the world in the last quarter of 2021, with 1.929 billion people using the app.

The most powerful social network in the world, now controlled by Meta, explained that the reason for the drop in users is due to fierce competition from platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, which belongs to Google.

But now the question that won’t go away? With this drop in users who mostly migrated to Instagram, “FB’s blood brother”, how will the social network planning strategies for posts, organic and sponsor?

The age of Instagram and the decline of the “Facebook Empire”?

2022 could be a glorious year for Instagram. At least, that’s what the report from the Datareportal platform points out, which provides a very interesting overview of the growth of Instagram. According to the analysis of the platform, the reach of ads indicates a growth of almost 60% in the last two years. In 2021, global ad reach grew by 21%, with Instagram adding more than 1.48 billion users to its audience in a year.

With this scenario, there is no doubt that brands and managers of social networks will have to deal with the fall of FB, reorganizing and prioritizing their strategies forother social networks. For the head of digital at Blues Idea, Luiza Antoniolli, the most important thing in a strategy is knowing how to list which social networks clients use the most. “With this drop, we can understand that there was a migration of social networks. For some time now, Facebook has shown that the active audience is decreasing. We no longer log in to FB every day, but log in more than 2 times a day to Instagram, for example”, she explains.

Among the most downloaded apps in the world, according to the Annie platform, which analyzes the performance and performance of apps, Instagram is the second most downloaded in the world, followed only by WhatsApp. In Brazil, Instagram is fourth and Facebook is tenth.

Another social network that grows exponentially is Tik Tok. Datareportal’s report shows that the global reach of ads on the Chinese social network is approximately 885 million – although this number refers to the reach of the public aged 18 and over. The app also has great performance and is already the fifth most downloaded in the world, according to the Annie platform, and it follows on the heels of Facebook, which is fourth (data collected between January 30 and February 5).

YouTube is also another social network that runs on the side and is the third most downloaded, according to the Annie platform, surpassing FB. “There is more and more content created for different social networks because the public is very divided. And we, as managers, have to pay attention to the measurement of results and performance reports of each one of them, to know which strategy to develop for each specific audience”, highlights Luiza.

Where is my audience?

But after all, how will brands and managers have to act in the face of the fall of the “Facebook Empire”? The most necessary thing is for the social network manager to know his target audience well and to know what their preferred social network is. Having this information, the manager will be able to change or maintain his strategy, segmenting campaigns focused on specific social networks, each one with its uniqueness, profile, type of content, and times when your target audience is most active.

“If your target audience is on Facebook, you’ll need to set a specific day and time to publish organic posts, taking into account the drop in daily active users. If you want to impact your target audience through sponsored posts/campaigns on Facebook, understand that you will not fail to impact them, you will just have to review and analyze the best creatives, segment your campaigns more think about geolocation, interests, and even in competitors, to create their campaigns”, she emphasizes.

Remarkable presence in all social networks!

The most important thing is for the social network manager to be attentive and aware to establish strategies and content for all social networks with more impact and audience, always adapting the profile of each one, with the tone of communication of the brand. And when any of the social networks have a drop in the number of users, the manager will need to have a strengthened base in another social network, with a recurrence of publication and with consistent and consolidated planning for at least the next 6 months.