Blues is featured in Propmark newspaper

25 February de 2019

The Metropolitan Region of Campinas is one of the main advertising investment markets in Brazil, concentrating a wide variety of companies operating in the industry, services, and retail. This means a great opportunity for agencies in the countryside to show their potential in serving relevant brands in the national market.

In this scenario, the newspaper Propmark visited the major companies that provide communication services in the countryside and coast of São Paulo. With good market prospects, the directors of the agencies revealed encouraging information about the future, always focusing on broadening horizons and offering jobs as or more relevant than those in the capital.

Through the strategy of working with branding, content, and performance, Blues Idea was highlighted in the retrospective of previous years, with two consecutive Rede Globo Professionals of the Year awards, in addition to great market achievements.

“For 2019, the expectation will be to increasingly highlight the transformative work that we can do in companies in the region, especially for brands with great potential that are around us”, says Tiago Lago, partner at Blues Idea, alongside Gustavo Melo.

With an exciting scenario and effective work, the agency with a creative soul and proven performance now focuses on gaining market share, transforming its clients’ business, and involving the public through ideas that provoke attitudes.